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Sports Chiropractic at Maximum Potential Chiropractic

Guys with baseball glovesChiropractic can be the difference in making a tackle, scoring a shot or getting the steal. In those split seconds, you need to be functioning optimally. We can help you be your sharpest, fastest and strongest.

A misalignment in the spine, or subluxation, interferes with your body’s ability to perform at your best. That’s exactly why every Olympic and professional team has a chiropractor on the court or field, checking athletes right before a competition or event.

Performance Improvement and Injury Recovery

Plenty of athletes seek out chiropractic because of a problem with their body. We can assist you with sprain, strains and a range of common sports-related injuries. With chiropractic, we can make sure that you heal with your tendons, ligaments and entire body in perfect alignment. We recommend that if you’re injured, come in within 24 hours to get back to your sport as quickly as possible.

One such case involved a volleyball player who was struggling with a sprain/strain injury. The trainers weren’t sure how to help her. After two weeks of chiropractic, she was back to full competition.

You don’t need to hurt, however, to benefit from chiropractic.

Why come if not hurt? It’s all about performance. People under chiropractic care have an 18% increase in the speed of their hand/eye coordination and response times. Chiropractic can give unbelievable outcomes in enhancing your performance.

We don’t see chiropractic as a replacement for your team doctor or anyone else that you work with. Your team doctor will take care of injuries and direct you through what they believe the best course of action is. We see chiropractic as an aid to getting you back in the game quicker. We’ll do everything under your team doctor’s supervision, keeping them appraised of our findings and care plan.

The Functional Movement Screening (FMS) was developed to predict injury in athletes. It involves seven movements, each scored on a scale of 0-3. Ideally, you want to score a 21. If an athlete scores a 14 or below, they are placed on injured reserve or are unable to perform because they run a high risk of getting hurt.

You don’t need to be a professional-level athlete to benefit from FMS. We think everyone should be treated like an elite competitor, because we all want to be physically active, fit and reach our goals.

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