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Pediatric Chiropractic at Maximum Potential Chiropractic

You want your kids to get the most out of life. Your hope is that they grow and develop the right muscular, immune digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Just as your child brushes their teeth regularly, chiropractic is an essential part of their health routine to take care of their nervous system.

The nervous system is the sole system responsible for running everything else in the body. IF there is a misalignment in the spine, it stresses the nervous system. The common issues that may crop up when this occurs include ear infections, colic, digestive problems and reflux. It can all begin right at the birthing process.

At Maximum Potential Chiropractic, we can make sure your child’s nervous system is functioning well early in life.

Chiropractic Should Start Early In Life

An astounding 97% of children have a spinal misalignment immediately after birth. That’s in the births that don’t involve any interventions like C-section, forceps or vacuum! When the nervous system doesn’t function fully, your child can’t grow and develop as they should. You can think of a dampened nervous system like a dimmer switch. Chiropractic turns that life expression back to 100%.

In today’s society, the numbers about diagnoses and medications are alarming. Nobody is better positioned to make sure your child’s nervous system is in good shape than a chiropractor.

Please fill out the paperwork before your child’s visit. We can do scans with the INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station even on babies, which will show us the areas of stress on their body. When it comes to the adjustment, we have pediatric-specific techniques that don’t use force. It looks more like a massage than a typical adjustment.

If you have a young child that is apprehensive, we’ll take our time with them. We’ll introduce ourselves and begin to develop a trust that makes them comfortable. They can get adjusted while sitting on Mom’s lap or while they play.

Our pediatric patients visit us for wellness or to get help with a specific concern. One kid was schedule to have tubes surgically inserted in his ears to drain them. After a couple of adjustments, they had the child tested again and no fluid was found in his ears. The surgery was no longer necessary.

There are nonverbal autistic children who have gotten under care and are now talking and back to taking the same classes as their peers. One such case is a boy who was diagnosed in his younger years and is doing phenomenally as a teenager with various interests and skills.

Free Consultations

If you’d like to get to know more about what we do, we’re pleased to offer free consultations. Contact us today to schedule your visit for pediatric chiropractic Westlake!


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