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About Maximum Potential Chiropractic

Maximum Potential Chiropractic sign outsideIn 2005, Dr. Matthew Hamilton graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He and his wife Rae had been exploring the Cleveland area, knowing they wanted to remain close to their support network of friends and family. Rae and her grandmother happened to visit Medina while Dr. Matt was participating in a clinic abroad trip to India. Instantly, she loved the feeling of our community. Dr. Matt, too, fell in love with our family-friendly area. They decided to open Maximum Potential Chiropractic here to support the health of area residents and those in Westlake.

Dr. Matt is joined in practice by a dedicated team of doctors. Together, their team has a single goal: to help improve your function.

Our Priority Is to Bring Out Your Best Life

We believe optimal health is achieved when you are performing at your maximum potential so you can heal and repair to maintain optimal health. It is more than just “feeling well.” It’s about how you are adapting and functioning within your world.

Our Advanced and Thorough Approach

During your first day with us, we want to be as comprehensive as possible in discovering your needs. Our state-of-the-art INSiGHT™ Subluxation Station takes a surface EMG, thermography and heart rate variability test. These scans will tell us how you’re handling your lifestyle and stress.

Additionally, we have a digital X-ray suite on-site that identifies any deviation from normal in your spine and body. When it comes to whether we can help you, there is no guessing involved. Everything is based on the black-and-white data we’ve gathered. When you get your report of findings, it’ll seem like all the puzzle pieces are clicking into place. If we haven’t gotten the pieces together, it’s likely because you’re not a chiropractic candidate, which we’ll inform you of immediately.

Faith-Based Care

We’re guided by Jesus in everything we do. You’ll likely hear worship songs playing in the office depending on who got to the radio first that day. Like Christ, we believe in washing feet and serving. We think that God gave us the gift to help others, and we’re dedicated to doing so.

Get Your Optimism Back

Our patients include parents at the end of their rope because of their colicky baby. They haven’t gotten any help or answers from their pediatrician. Within weeks, their happy, healthy baby is back. We see many pregnant moms who come in after their OB has said their baby is breech and a C-section will likely be needed. Within just a few visits with the Webster Technique, your baby may turn around.

If you’re feeling unhappy, sick, stressed, can’t sleep or have low energy, rest assured that there are options to turn your life around.

Voted Best Of Medina County

We’re proud to have been voted the best chiropractic office in our community. Find out why people think we take great care of them. Contact us today!


About Maximum Potential Chiropractic